5 questions that reveal if your social media strategy is lacking

Published Nov. 1, 2022, 2:04 p.m.

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal without having a plan for how you will succeed? Maybe you will reach your goal anyway, but it will probably be faster and easier if you know from the beginning how to go about it.

Today, many companies and organisations expect good results from the content they publish on social media - both organic and paid - but without having a strategy. Why is that?

“We must be on social media”

Maybe it’s because many initially started their social media accounts with the rationale “we need to be there” – albeit without a clear purpose. But today we know that social media is an important channel when it comes to marketing, both for building awareness and for driving conversion. This is exactly why many have high expectations of what their content should generate, and what channels should achieve.

5 important questions to ask yourself

However, without a clear purpose, it is difficult to demand a certain result, which is why you should be able to answer these five questions if your company is present on social media:

  • Which target groups do you want to reach?
  • Which channels are they on?
  • Why will they engage with your content?
  • How will you reach your goals and with the help of which KPIs?
  • Which platforms are you on and why?

If the answers are unclear, maybe it is because you lack a social media strategy, something that is a necessity for all brands today. Why? Because it leads to a strengthening of your brand’s position, it saves you time, you get clearer communication with your target group, and you reach your set goals – or even achieve better results.

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