How building with LEGO can help build your brand

Published Dec. 15, 2021, 7:25 a.m.

Spoon has just added a new strategic workshop tool to its belt. Mark Lewis at Spoon Malmö is now a trained facilitator in the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology. We caught up with him to discover why thinking with your hands is the perfect tool for every company to build their strategy, identity and brand.

What is LEGO Serious Play?

LEGO Serious Play is a methodology that enables companies to create and build the metaphors, stories and essential elements at the heart of current and future communication strategies and organisational identities. It is based on theories around storymaking, construction and imagination. And provides a super quick, innovative and effective set of tools for identifying and working with a project or organisation’s key foundations.“

How does it work?

"A session using the LEGO Serious Play methodology is based on getting small groups round tables building models from LEGO bricks in response to challenges and tasks set by me, the facilitator. Everyone participating constructs models that represent metaphors, stories or current scenarios and then shares them. The methodology gives everyone in your organisation or team an equal voice and the chance to tell their story."

Can you give a concrete example of how it can be used?

"From turning the tallest towers into metaphors for a target audience, to building and describing your high-profile project or to mapping out the balance of competencies in your team, there are unlimited exercises guaranteed to get everyone talking and reflecting. A kick-off session using these tools also leverages more creativity, concentration and crucially, the right environment for honest and insightful reflection. And allows you to build and test alternatives without risk and gets everyone working in tandem to visualise this in real time."

What kind of LEGO Serious Play workshop do we offer and what value does it provide?

"At Spoon we offer the opportunity to build the LEGO Serious Play methodology into our client-focused workshops, strategies sessions or project kick-offs. In a half-day workshop we use a mixture of metaphors, storytelling and construction tools to get our clients from simple building exercises through to constructing a model of successful identity for their organisation, project or team. And if you have longer then the possibilities extend to anything from mapping connections between external and internal forces, articulating business planning and creating a vision for a new team identity. All workshops are summarised for clients in a visual report with key takeaways."

If one wants to know more about the workshop, how does one go about it?

"Start by getting in touch with Spoon's education team. Or even better, send me a mail at and I'll fill you in."

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