A premium coffee table magazine

In 2021, SEB’s magazine Value got a new look, feel, and content. The renewed magazine is a forward-thinking, informative, and inspiring print experience produced with care.

The challenge

The Nordic’s leading corporate bank, SEB, came to Spoon with a clear mission. They wanted to decrease the number of editions from three to one every year. But how would they be able to produce a magazine with such high quality that it could replace three editions, and maintain its relevance for an entire year?


The solution

The traditional magazine became an annual, coffee table experience. The objective was to create a print product with timeless qualities, and content that the readers wanted to treat themselves to. Value was to take a giant leap from the typical customer magazine style, to become a premium product about generational businesses, entrepreneurship and sustainability. The content would focus on the perspectives and areas needed for a positive societal changesomething that the target group wants to be a part of.


The results

Value highlights the most interesting people in the banking and finance sector, as well as cultural personalities and designers. It is a product that exudes quality and gives the reader tips and advice on shares, funds, and asset management. With 97 percent positive reader feedback, Value is a much appreciated magazine by both customers and SEB co-workers. It is described as forward-thinking, informative, and inspiring.

Read Value online.

In a digital environment, we see the value of the tangible. There’s a sense of quality to it. Especially today, when most things are communicated through digital means. To be able to hold a print product, and something that conveys our core values, is appreciated by our clients. With Value we have gone from making a paper, to creating a quality magazine. A lot of our clients have Value lying on their table, just like a coffee table book. We see Value as a value concept.
Daniel Fagerström, Global Marketing Business Partner for Private Banking, SEB

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Meryem Can Bolin

Business Director