Video production

As a medium for effective and engaging storytelling, video is hard to beat. Whether it’s a quick, eye-catching message or an in-depth web TV series, we make sure you get the best results.

Video concepts that fit your needs

Spoon’s in-house video talent consists of directors, producers, editors, animators and photographers. We also have a wide network of partners all over Scandinavia. If you want it, we can deliver it. We can help to create video concepts that best fit you and your target group’s needs with creativity and high production values.

We have a long history of documentary-style production, perfect for conveying emotional content. And along the way, we have mastered everything from award-winning commercial B2B-productions to the shortest of explainers that demand attention on social media. Or, maybe a talk show, a YouTube series or a live broadcast better fits your requirements? In short, if it moves, we’ve got you covered.

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Kristian Gustafsson

Creative Director

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Axel Lindqvist

Video Director